December 29, 2003

When toddlers fall, moms sue

From to the Jewish World Review, there's been a wide round of appalled reaction to this money-hungry mom and her lawsuit against Stamford, CT, and their "unsafe" parks:

A 2-year-old model and actor who cut his head at a playground is seeking unspecified lost wages and other compensation from the city.

Konrad Mader of Greenwich was running toward a treehouse at a playground Nov. 4 when he crashed into a railing, according to a claim filed last week by his mother and reported Friday by The Advocate of Stamford. The blond toddler received several stitches.

Deena Mader, the boy's mother, did not specify how much she is seeking on behalf of her son. In a letter to officials, she demanded compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering and a "lost wage amount due to his inability to audition or take modeling or commercial jobs while his head heals."

Mader blamed the boy's injury on a green railing, which she said blends in with the landscaping. Mader said the railing should be painted a brighter color. "This accident was preventable had the railings and safety measures been correct at this park, " Mader wrote in her claim.

JWR columnist Mitch Albom wonders where childhood has gone:

What I am sure of is this: I feel older every year. I read a story like that...and what I mainly take away from it is not that parents will sue over anything these days, but that the 2-year-old has a career! A career that a playground could interrupt!

When you're 2, isn't the playground your career? I mean, really, how many baby food commercials are out there? How many roles call for a kid in a high chair? What can a kid say at 2 - besides "No!" and "Gimme!" and "I don't wanna!"

I do not remember being 2 years old. But I have been told, to much laughter over the years, that at that age, all I did was sit on the curb and watch the cars go by. I never spoke a word. My mother took me to the doctor to see if there was something wrong with me. (Of course, that's what mothers did back in those days. Today, she would sue the city for lack of stimulus.)

Anyhow, the doctor said don't worry, I would start talking eventually, which I did. My mother did not seek damages for my silence. She did not look at everyday life as depriving me of a paycheck. But back then, we had this strange concept. It was called "childhood." It was not to be raced through. It was not in the way of a career.

Fark, which is becoming the center of information for the entire planet, has a photo in the comments section of the not-bright-enough green railings. Apparently Stamford has neon-green shrubbery, along with toddler models and parents who sue the city after failing to keep an eye on their own child.

My favorite Fark comments on the topic?

I'm taking up a collection for a countersuit. If we can't get enough money for a lawyer, we'll just buy a helmet for her son. If we can't get enough money for a helmet, we'll just buy a sign for her that says, "Your son is a retard. We can see where he gets it."


He had to get stitches from a plastic surgeon? C'mon, when I was stabbed(grazed actually) in the head, some guy at the ER did it then plastered half a pound of medical tape over it to keep it closed. Could've been a resident, could've been the janitor for all I know. So long as it stopped bleeding.

This mom sounds like the kind of parent who won't be happy until the word is covered in half inch foam with rounded corners(?). It's a playground, kids get hurt just walking around, and chicks dig scars. This kid'll be getting all the honeys at the sandbox. Twenty years from now this kid will grow up to get famous by offing himself over an Everquest Eight account or something.

As far as me getting stabbed in the head, my family reunions rock.


You know, the more I think about this, the more I think this woman is right.

Clearly, this playground equipment wasn't safe. Else, how could the kid have been injured? Therefore, this woman - this MONSTER - should have her child taken from her by Child Protective Services.

SHE deliberately placed that child in jeopardy by letting him play on OBVIOUSLY DANGEROUS equipment. Such a person should never again be permitted to endanger a child.

Hee hee hee.

P.S. - Where are overprotective moms in parks when you need them? This British mum is appalled that her 11-year-old son spent six hours in jail after being arrested while trying to build a treehouse in a public park. Mum, where were you when the kid was out in the rain with two hacksaws and a claw hammer, helping another kid try to cut down a mature tree?

And don't give us that "it was half-dead, anyway," routine, Mumsie.

Posted by kswygert at December 29, 2003 11:11 AM