September 22, 2004

Insane, but in a good way

Tuesday, October 5th. Animal Planet. I am so there.

Austin Stevens: Snakemaster

Nothing will stop Austin Stevens from trying to get that perfect photo. In Austin Stevens: Snakemaster, camera-bearing Austin wades through swamps and into deep caves teeming with bats, scorpions and spiders; he zooms along dusty trails in Australia's outback on a dirt bike; and he braves perilous white-water rapids and waterfalls. And the danger doesn't stop there! Once he reaches his goal he must face venemous snakes, avoid their lightning-fast strikes, and set up for the perfect picture. With several clicks, Austin's photographs capture the beauty and diversity of these adaptable reptiles. Each episode features a new snake, a new adventure, a new photo op.

Check out the show's trailer where he dives (without thinking) off a three-story boat to grab an anaconda in the Amazon. Wow. And the most I've ever done is knock a small child aside so that I could be the first to hold a baby alligator during the last leg of a swamp tour.

Thanks to Devoted Reader Mike D. for the link.

Posted by kswygert at September 22, 2004 05:54 PM