March 25, 2005

Missing the forest for the trees

Would you be upset if your child's elementary school was named after a former president who also owned slaves?

Parents, students and teachers at Berkeley's Thomas Jefferson Elementary School will soon vote on whether to rename their school because the nation's third president was a slave owner. The question of whether to rename the school has been debated for more than two years -- since several teachers, including an African American mother of three former Jefferson students, said Jefferson's moniker offended them and suggested a name change.

Found via Joanne, who also notes that California's graduation rate is at a low 71%, with only "about half of California's African American and Latino ninth-grade boys graduat[ing] from high school within four years." Doesn't that suggest that debating a school's name change for two years was a bit of waste of time and energy?

And I can't even deal with this - it makes my head hurt. I guess it's okay to be "imperfect" as long as you're PC about it.

Posted by kswygert at March 25, 2005 03:28 PM