June 15, 2005

College protestors act like idiots

I agree with John Hawkins that the level to which college protestors will stoop is pretty low. So much for the days when we would expect college students to act like grown (but young) men and women.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to his alma mater turned into an exercise in perseverance when virtually his every word was accompanied by catcalls, howls and piercing whistles from the crowd.

Schwarzenegger's face appeared to redden during his 15-minute commencement address Tuesday to 600 graduates at Santa Monica College, but he ignored the shouting as he recalled his days as a student and, later, his work as a bodybuilder and actor.

"Always go all out and overcome your fears," he told the graduates. "Work, work, work. Study, study, study."

Inside the stadium, the drone from hundreds of rowdy protesters threatened to drown out the governor's voice at times. Many in the crowd erupted in boos when a police officer pulled down a banner criticizing the estimated $45 million cost of the Nov. 8 special election that Schwarzenegger proposed Monday.

Captain Ed shows no mercy:

...what are they protesting? The fact that Arnold has called a special election for a direct democratic vote on issues that the legislature has refused to address, including the chronic reapportionment problem that has almost crippled California democracy for decades. While the costs of such an election should be considered and debated as to its necessity, calling for more democracy hardly qualifies as such a disaster that it excuses opponents from acting like idiots and ruining the evening for 600 college graduates.

The Left has no sense of proportion, especially in California, where they have behaved like the spoiled children most of them are for many years now. Last night's spectacle of disruption and rude behavior is just the latest example of the thoughtlessness and reflexive self-indulgence that typifies Leftist activities in the Golden State and elsewhere.

Captain Ed is assuming all the loudmouths were lefties; probably not a bad assumption, but I don't even care if that's true. What bothers me is that public manners have devolved to the point where young men and women attending a rite of passage as momentous as a college graduation can act like children.

Posted by kswygert at June 15, 2005 04:14 PM