August 10, 2005

Dressing the part - of what?

The most excellent Carnival of Education is up. One post, by a concerned mama, hit home because I, too, have noticed just how sleazy very young girls are encouraged to dress.

Now, things are different, espeically for the little girls. Have you looked closely at the little girls' department lately? It looks like a training school for prostitutes Britney Spears wannabees.

Lingerie, size 6x, with a 'back to school' sign on it.

When did 'toy' lipstick become bright red and start lasting all day? Why would a six-year-old child need to carry a purse to school? Why is there makeup in it? Why does she know how to use it? There are clothes in the little girls' department that nobody would buy except Brooke Shields' mother in "Pretty Baby." Except. . . somebody's mother IS buying them, and probably thinking "doesn't she look pretty" in them...Tiny little girls, wearing makeup and boobless versions of adult slinkwear. What kind of mother dresses her child like a bimbo?

The comments suggest that Mama's experience is not unique.

Posted by kswygert at August 10, 2005 07:32 PM