September 01, 2005

Carnival of Hurricane Relief

Update, yet again: Houston donations address:

HISD is coordinating donations of school supplies and school uniforms for the evacuee students who will be educated during the next few months. We are asking donors to send donations to:

HISD Warehouse
Central Receiving
228 McCarty
Houston, TX 77029
ATTN. Anne Silver

Email Gwendolyn Samples (gsamples at houstonisd dot org) if you have questions. Michele has commandeered a truck and is moving supplies on down!

Update, again: Wow. A blogger (whom I worship, incidentally), Michele Catalano, is already organizing school supplies and volunteers to help out Houston's newest students. She started on Tuesday looking for volunteers. It's not just Houston - Baton Rouge and Lafayette have volunteered to take refugee kids into their school as well. Please visit Michele's site if you have time, supplies, or trucks to offer.

One of her commenters also notes the United Methodist Committee on Relief has a general advisory for creating School Kits, although their main Katrina page is asking for Health Kits and Flood Buckets at the moment.

If you're in the Houston area, go here to learn how to donate school supplies.

Update: Avon has teamed up with Gifts in Kind—the world’s leading charity in product philanthropy—to send disaster relief kits to people across the U.S. whose lives have been disrupted by disasters, both natural and man-made. I'm an Avon representative, so if you would like to sponsor the $10.00 gift (which contains five personal necessities and includes a $4.00 donation to Gifts in Kind), please contact me at kimberly at kimberlyswygert dot com.

I'm participating in the Hurricane Katrina Blog for Relief day. My charity of choice was the American Red Cross, but I admit the Humane Society was a close second. It tore my heart up to hear that those stranded in New Orleans seeking shelter at the Superdome were told they could not bring their pets along. Here's to both organizations as they move their disaster-relief teams into the stricken areas.

Instapundit has all the links here. The list of participating blogs who signed up wtih NZ Bear is here; feel free to add yours to the list. Also, Michelle Malkin has tons of links; start here and keep scrolling.

In an education-related vein, young refugees stuck in Houston are welcomed into the system there. There's a huge drive for refugee resettlement in that area. Perhaps someone should start a drive to send school supplies to the newly-homeless sending their kids to school in Houston? There's a drive for sleeping bags; surely there's one for educational supplies somewhere. I've emailed the information person for HISD, Diana Perez, to ask. (Update: Ms. Perez has forwarded my offer for help to their Community Relations Department. I'll keep you posted).

Update: If N2P inspired you to donate, NZBear has a page tracking donations by weblog. Thanks! And do read what Captain Ed of Captain's Quarters has to say:

Instead of our distant cousins of the Indian Ocean, we now watch as our American brothers and sisters suffer through the destruction of perhaps the best-loved hometown in America, New Orleans. The devastation will go on for years. The entire community has disappeared under water -- not just homes, but the businesses that employ the people who live there, the shops that fed and clothed them, the services that give Americans the high standard of living that we enjoy and take for granted.

They have nothing left. It goes beyond homelessness. It goes beyond unemployment. Our brothers and sisters have gone through the looking glass -- and as Americans, we need to step up to bring them back.

This post will stay at the top of N2P all day on Sept. 1.

Posted by kswygert at September 1, 2005 01:00 AM