October 21, 2005

Students gone wild

Our First Amendment rights are precious things. They define a large part of what it feels like to be an American. And, as with many other rights in America, it seems to always be students who like to push the envelope just a tad.

One UC-San Diego undergrad, in fact, put a tape of himself having sex with an "unidentified actress" on Koala TV, the campus's closed-circuit TV station. The student council has not yet decided to ban "graphic depictions of sexual activity involving nudity" on the station, and amateur porno star Steve York considers this to be "a statement in support of student rights and National Freedom of Speech Week." The tape appears to have been a big hit, although given that the campus is described as "socially-dead," perhaps the viewers mistook it for an online class in sex ed.

Another student, instead of praise, is facing terrorism charges over a high school essay:

Boaz High School freshman who wrote an essay proposing a "Killer Day" when everyone would be allowed to kill two people to relieve stress has been charged with making a terrorist threat.

The 14-year-old girl, who also wrote that she wanted to kill President Bush, was arrested last week and is scheduled for a Nov. 1 hearing. Court officials declined to release her name or provide other information Wednesday, citing the confidentiality rules of Alabama's youthful offender law.

Hmmm. If she's looking for ways that people can "relieve stress," I think that once she's of age, she should move to San Diego and look up Steve York. Sounds like a "Porno Day" gets you in less trouble than a "Killer Day."

Posted by kswygert at October 21, 2005 12:32 PM