December 04, 2005

March of the Mummy Cats

Ew. Ew. Ew.

The Egyptians have King Tut, the Incas have ice maidens and one Cache Valley school now, officially, has joined them with its own preserved artifact. Students at the Cache Valley Learning Center, a private school in Logan that moved to a new location this fall, voted Tuesday for the school's first mascot: a Mummycat.

The idea didn't just come from nowhere. A real, naturally mummified cat sits on a shelf in the 116-year-old building's basement, just a few feet from where it was found in a dark crawl space. About 3 feet long, the cat appears to have died while on its back, looking upward and stretched out. While parts of it seemed to have decayed, others are completely intact, including its whiskers and ears.

Of the 78 students who voted at the K-8 school, 35 students wanted to be the Mummycats. A wolverine and raven came in second and third in the mascot poll.

Middle-schoolers have the grossest sense of humor. On the other hand, perhaps the school administrator should run with this, and have anthropologists and Egyptologists come in to teach more about the specifics of mummification. I doubt that'll be covered on the state standardized exam, but what the heck.

Posted by kswygert at December 4, 2005 10:22 AM