December 20, 2005

A confession by any other name...

You know, I'm all for teenagers having blogs and online journals, even when they're using their freedom of speech to criticize their schools, or say things that school administrators might not like.

But dude, if you're going to exercise your constitutionally-protected freedom of speech online, you'd best be able to deal with the legal consequences:

Blake Ranking was a Eustis High School senior and still aching from a horrible crash three days earlier when he posted those words on, a site for Web logs.

"It was me who caused it. I turned the wheel. I turned the wheel that sent us off the road, into the concrete drain . . .," he wrote as his best friend, Jason Coker, 17, lay in a coma at Orlando Regional Medical Center. "How can I be fine when everyone else is so messed up?" Coker never awoke from the crash Oct. 3, 2004. He died Jan. 11.

Although Ranking later retracted his words -- deleting them from the blog and penning an explanation -- they came back to haunt him, forcing him Monday to plead guilty to DUI manslaughter.

Posted by kswygert at December 20, 2005 02:31 PM