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Libido Meaning In Terms Of Psychology

Sep 19, 2020 (0) comment

The desire for physical pleasure is common among almost all human beings. But we all are hardly aware of term libido. Lust and libido are almost the same in meaning. The libido meaning is describing as a person’s overall desire for sex or the presence of sexual drive in someone. Biologically this feeling is promoted by sex hormones and neurotransmitters acting upon nucleus accumbens. Also, some psychological and social factors are responsible for this. It is not always possible for a person to have an opportunity to act upon sexual drive or there may occur a situation that can prevent the urge of a person from doing so.


Biological, psychological and social factors

  • Biological reason: a sex drive in women is always related to her menstrual cycle. When there is a change in the level of testosterone, there also occurs a change in the sexual desire of a female. It is stated that testosterone level on the 24th day of a woman’s menstrual cycle rises gradually promoting the feeling of high sex desire until ovulation on the 14th day of the next cycle. The 13th day is the day with the highest intensity of testosterone levels. Later the week that follows ovulation lessens the testosterone level resulting in less sexual desire.

  • Psychological and social factors: they are responsible to reduce sex drive too. Due to these, there occurs a lack of intimacy and more stress and fatigue and depression. Environmental stress can affect libido too. Other causes might include sexual abuse, assault, dramas, trauma, and anxiety. PSTD symptoms have also proved to be one of the main causes of lack of libido. Many people suffering from this disease also experience feelings of vulnerability, rage, and anger. The depression can also lead to reduced sex drive in people.

Causes of low libido and how to increase it

There can be many reasons behind low libido. The main potential causes of low sex drive can be underlying medical issues. Emotional or psychological problems are also the root cause. Stress and depression play an important role in causing low sex drive. The important thing is to know the cause and find the immediate treatment for that. Some common ways can help boost libido and lead in living a happy life. These are:

1. Manage anxiety level

2. Improve relationship quality

3. Focus on foreplay

4. Get good quality sleep

5. Get a nutritious diet

6. Try herbal remedies

7. Get regular exercise

8. Maintain a healthful weight

9. Try sex therapy

10. Quit smoking.

There are wide differences in people’s sexual desires. However, having a lower libido in comparison is not a bad thing. Low libido can be a complex issue to have especially if a person is in a relationship.

There are often people who suffer hypersexuality i.e. there occurs sex desire within them too frequently and people who suffer hyposexuality i.e. the sex drive within them is almost negligible. With the help of proper medications, people try to treat these issues and control them. Thus, we can say libido meaning is nothing else but just a strong feeling for sex which may or may not get fulfilled. It also has its pros and cons which are important to understand.


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