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Understand Everything About The Semen In Your Body

Jul 22, 2020 (0) comment

Semen is something that many people are queries and have many questions about it, such as what it contains other than spermatozoa. The semen can fertilize the female ova; this is a very important thing in the process of reproduction. To solve all your funny and curious questions, we have covered some of the things in brief for you about this semen demon inside your body.


Why Is It Fluid?

Sure many of the people think that it’s just sperm, but if that’s the case, why is it in the form of a fluid. There is an appropriate reason for this, while the process of ejaculation the sperm goes through one thing that is called an ejaculatory duct. There it gets converted into a fluid by mixing up with the seminal vesicles, prostate, and bulbourethral glands to form the semen. Well, now you know this, so it must not sound weird to you think why it’s not solid but fluid. This was a craze one.


Can Be Eaten?

Many people from their first time ejaculation have this question in their mind and are pretty curious to know whether they can eat the semen. What would happen if you eat semen, there is no harm that semen will cause you if you eat that, but it also does not give you any energy, so it’s probably not worth eating for being strong. Though in many studies, it has been found that it can be used for lifting someone’s mood and getting relieved from the anxiety. Well, there is another question related to this topic, which is what does it taste like; this varies in taste according to many people. The semen demon taste is pretty much different from every person; it might be because of their diet or other things.


Problems With Semen

Remember your first ejaculation as a teenage kid, that was something surprising to see something strange coming out. But the problem does not stop here at making our clothes dirty there are also some other issues with semen and some myths such as being good for the skin. It’s actually allergic to your skin and may even cause you an STI, so better be careful with this thing. Another myth is that eating it is so much health, which is not true; they will give you very little energy. You can only get five calories if you eat all the semen in one ejaculation. Also, the proteins are not that beneficial because of the purpose of totally different.


The main purpose of the same is an important part of the process of reproduction, so you should better take care of that. Admit it; you were curious about these questions as a teenager, well now you know what it truly is. Semen is a very important thing that our body produces; thus, you should also be careful about this; this may even cause an STI is you eat, swallow or apply over your skin. Thus be careful and let things be at the right place in case of semen.

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